Dear Landlord,

My shower rod broke and I don’t know what to do. I haven’t showered in months.

Dee Bree

Dear Dee,

 Why Does It Take So Long to Repair My Apartment?Did you notify the management office of Symmes Apartments Fairfield Ohio so they can send a Maintenance Technician (with air freshener :)? We like to make it easy to alert us right away when you have a maintenance concern. There is no need to delay. There are multiple ways to notify us.

The fastest way to request maintenance service is through your online portal. Or you can call the office 24/7 and leave a message.

Yes, there is an overnight and weekend answering service to handle your emergency calls! You can also submit a repair request through the contact us page of our website, in person to the manager or slip it through our office door. Once you do any of these things, the manager will create a work order and assign it to one of the Maintenance Technicians we have on site. Please remember that you cannot “stop” the maintenance tech in the parking lot to request maintenance. All maintenance concerns (except emergencies) must go through approved methods.

Not all repairs are the same. Our goal is to give prompt and quality service. Once we diagnose the cause of the problem, the repair will begin. Keep in mind, the repair itself can have several stages or parts that might need to be ordered. Sometimes things must dry or be inspected before the next step can be done. Weather conditions affect some repairs. We try to keep in touch with our residents on the progress of repairs. MOST repairs are completed within a day or two! Did you know the online portal sends automatic updates on repair status?

Whenever we recognize the need to hire outside experts for problem diagnosis, complex repairs and large scale maintenance projects, we look for qualified companies that offer value to all of us. Unfortunately, it can take time to find the right vendor for the job. Research must be done, calls placed, appointments kept, bids collected/reviewed/selected and then scheduled before certain repairs can begin..

When we face frustrating delays, we appreciate everyone’s patience. We try to offer rents that give you value and provide a fully functioning, safe home to live in every day.