I Have Noisy Neighbors

Dear Landlord,

I live in apartments in Fairfield Ohio for the past four years. A new neighbor moved in above me. It is a woman and her two kids. I hear them running and jumping all the time. We also can hear them crying and singing. Should I leave a note on their door and tell them to quiet down?

E. Nuff

Dear E. Nuff,

I can understand your frustration. It is a tricky situation, and a very common one in apartment living. A quiet content rental home can change in an instant when an annoying or noisy neighbor moves in nearby. Complaining directly to them can be awkward. Correcting their behavior (asking them to quiet their kids) implies they could be parenting better (which could offend them and escalate the situation further). Many people don’t want to take this risk. Here are some other ideas on how to address it.

First off, you can lighten your attitude, practice tolerance or be creative. View the situation as not purposefully intended, but rather a fact of apartment life and a matter of your own unlucky circumstance. Have you tried the traditional methods of noise reduction for community living? Creating white noise, use noise cancelling  headphones, lots of patience, sleeping elsewhere in your apartment, slipping a note under their door, reporting it to the apartment management company or the police?

OR choose to introduce yourself at another time (when you are not overwhelmed by anger or exhaustion) and get to know your neighbors. You will see the noise situation is not deliberate. Establishing a friendly rapport proves that the noises of your neighbors are dramatically less obnoxious when coming from people you actually know and like. Having a relationship with them will also make it a lot easier and less judgmental to discuss their noisy children, loud music or midnight vacuuming habits!

If anyone has any other ideas, feel free to write a suggestion and give it to our wonderful manager.