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The staff is very friendly, personable, helpful and cares about the residents. The location of Symmes is great, it is close to the grocery store, YMCA, Post Office. The complex is quiet and kept clean. I would recommend Symmes Apartments because you get  a great, peaceful place to live, a great location, at a decent price.

-Netty B.

The complex is peaceful and quiet, with great neighbors, convenient to lots of places. We love having 2 baths and a nice quiet backyard. Easy livinig, if you like peacefulness. I love kids and the ones here are respectful. Symmes is walking distance to everything you need. The staff is great, they respond the same day or next day, never longer than that. I love their service!

- Terri D.

The staff wastes no time responding to my needs. This is the best staff I've ever had to work with and for me and my family. We know that it is not justabout the moneey, for them the most important thing is you! The maintenance staff responds right away and when they leave the job it is done right. I have never had to call them back to fix anything. They really are a great staff. We need more people like them, especially the managers like Crystal, she is very professional.

- Janet S.

The new management has really taken charge and seems to care a lot about residents. Maintenance is very intensive and understanding. This is a nice place to live, plenty of space, easy access to everything without being too busy. The landlord and maintenance staff are very friendly and responsive to my needs, and they notify me if there is going to be any delay.


Our apartment feels like home,  very private and cozy. The patio is great since it has a wide open space. The windows are nice and big. There is a lot of storage space. We like the separate dining area as well. I would highly recommend living here because it is a very peaceful place. It is quiet and the complex has a lot of open space. Our neighbors are really nice and friendly too.

- M & C R.

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